Below are the various services provided by the shelter:



  • $160 for Puppies Under 6 Months Old
  • $130-$150 for Dogs over 6 Months Old
  • $65 for Senior Dogs over 6 Years Old
  • $100 for Pitbull Mixes
  • $200 for Prison Dogs (8 weeks of basic obedience training and socialization)

*Included is the current year’s dog license, a free wellness exam from any veterinarian within Clark County, microchipping, and a 30 day insurance policy.



  • $60 for Kittens Under 6 Months Old
  • $40 for Cats Over 6 Months Old
  • $30 for Barnyard Cats

*All cats have been microchipped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and tested for feline leukemia and AIDS.

** All cats and kittens MUST be transported home in a pet carrier. A cardboard pet carrier can be purchased for an additional $5.00.


Other Types of Animals

  • Prices vary



Redemptions are processed from:

Monday & Tuesday – 1:00p – 3:00p
    (Closed to the Public. Please knock on the front door for assistance.)
Thursday – 1:00p – 6:00p
Friday – 1:00p – 4:00p
Saturday – 12:00p – 3:30p

(No redemptions available Wednesdays & Sundays)

Last redemption begins 30 minutes before closing time.

In order to redeem an animal, a valid photo ID card, proof of ownership, proof of dog license (if already licensed), proof of rabies inoculation, and cash only for the redemption costs.

** Current dog owner is responsible for providing all documentation. The Humane Society staff is not permitted to call your veterinarian to request this information.**


Animals who are brought into the shelter (by a dog warden or Good Samaritan) and wish to be redeemed, their rightful owners will incur the following fees:

  • $55.00 for the first day
  • $12.50 each additional day

If a stray animal is here beyond 72 hours, it may require additional services to prepare it for adoption.  Rightful owners may also incur the following costs:

  • $40.00 for dog license
  • $25.00 for heartworm testing
  • Up to $150.00 for spaying or neutering fee
  • Any additional veterinary costs



Our shelter IS NOT accepting owner-released animals (dogs or cats) and IS NOT offering owner-requested euthanasia services at this time.

For those pets owners wish to surrender to the shelter, there are certain associated costs:

  • $30.00 – dog
  • $50.00 – dog (if needs to be picked up from a residence within Clark County)
  • $20.00 – cat (if space is available)
  • $10.00 – puppy (12 weeks old or less)
  • $10.00 – kitten (12 weeks old or less)
  • $10.00 – guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, etc. (must have cage and food)
  • $50.00 – other animals including those outside of Clark County

For stray pets which Good Samaritans wish to surrender to the shelter, there are certain associated costs. No out-county-cats or kittens:

  • $50.00 – cat with litter of kittens (if space is available)
  • $10.00 – cat or kitten



Pets can be microchipped for $25.00. There are no further fees or membership costs as the microchip is good for the lifetime of the animal.


Emergency Call Shelters

The shelter reserves the right to charge an emergency fee for calls outside of the normal business hours.  The fee will vary based on the severity of the situation.